Friday, December 08, 2017

Some awesome announcements for Nintendo Switch!

Nintendo has won some nice prices during the Game Awards
  • Game of the Year (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild), 
  • Best Game Direction (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild), 
  • Best Action/Adventure Game (The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild), 
  • Best Family Game (Super Mario Odyssey), 
  • Best Handheld Game (Metroid: Samus Returns). 

In total Nintendo won 5 Awards. You can imagine that they want more right? Below you'll find a couple of trailers about what awaits us!

Bayonetta 3!!

DLC Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild!

Bayonetta 1 and 2 for Nintendo Switch!

Friday, December 01, 2017

Comparison Trailer for The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series Collection!

Leading publisher of digital entertainment Telltale Games and multiplatform entertainment company Skybound Entertainment today launched a new trailer for The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series Collection that contains never-before-seen footage of the collection's enhanced visuals in action.
The trailer also contains footage from the original version of the same scene, allowing viewers to directly compare the updated visuals against the original graphics. For more information on the collection's visual improvements, please see Telltale's most recent developer blog, which details the specific actions undertaken to achieve this substantial visual upgrade.

The Walking Dead Collection will arrive in stores on December 5th at retailers across North America and Europe, gathering all 19 episodes in the award-winning series onto one disc for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. The collection will also be available digitally on both platforms starting that same day. The collection includes the recent third season, The Walking Dead: A New Frontier, as well as visually enhanced versions of Season One, Season Two, 400 Days, and the three-part Michonne mini-series.

The Walking Dead is an unparalleled journey into the heart of what it means to be human in a world that's lost its humanity. Set in Robert Kirkman's award-winning comic book universe, your story is determined by the choices you make. Season One of The Walking Dead: A Telltale Series redefined expectations for storytelling in video games, winning over 100 Game of the Year awards. Now the first three seasons, as well as horror anthology 400 Days and the three-part mini-series starring blade-wielding icon Michonne, will be available in one place for the first time, allowing you to prepare for the upcoming fourth and final season starring beloved survivor Clementine (due out in 2018).

"Clementine has meant so much to fans since the series premiered in 2012," said Melissa Hutchison, the award-winning actress behind the iconic character. "It's incredible to see this series collection arriving all in one place for players to relive the journey or catch up on her tragic tale of survival before we head into the final chapters of her storyline next year."

The Walking Dead: The Telltale Series Collection will be available at retail and digitally on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One starting December 5th, 2017 for the suggested price of $49.99 USD or equivalent. The Walking Dead: The Final Season (working title) will debut in 2018 on consoles, PC/Mac, iOS, and Android-based devices. Additional platforms are yet to be announced.

To date, The Walking Dead: A Telltale Games Series has sold more than 50 million episodes worldwide, earning more than 100 Game of the Year awards from outlets including Metacritic, USA Today, Wired, Spike TV VGAs, Yahoo!, The Telegraph, Mashable, Polygon, Destructoid and GamesRadar. It was also the recipient of two BAFTA Video Games Awards for Best Story and Best Mobile Game. 
For more information on the game, visit the official website and Facebook page, and follow Telltale Games on Twitter. For more information on The Walking Dead, Robert Kirkman, and all of his titles, visit

Free games are awesome, right?

This weekend has some cool free games and demo's in store for us!

Tricky Towers Give Away
Let's start this really good, with a free give away code for Tricky Tower, a game full of magic and spells, in which magicians adorn their wobbly towers. Stack your stones as high as possible: who can build the highest tower and win this race to the top? Fight against friends in Weirdbeard's awesome game and become the best wizard of all, during this chaotic game with a magic! For more info, visit the official Tricky Tower website. Want to have the free steam key for Tricky Towers? Send us an email at

Destiny 2 (Free Trial)
So, you’re new to Destiny 2,created by Bungie and Activision? Enjoy the free trial and jump into the cinematic campaign on your own or with friends. Want to battle other players? Enter the multiplayer arena and put your skills to the ultimate test. Carry over your progress from the trial with purchase of the full-game. Visit the official Destiny website for more info.

Free DLZ for Arizona Sunshine PSVR
Vertigo Games and Jaywalkers Interactive today launched the ‘Free DLZ’ update for the PS VR shooter hit Arizona Sunshine. The new content is available free of charge to everyone who own a copy of Arizona Sunshine for PlayStation VR and adds two additional maps to Horde mode, which is playable with up to 4 players in co-op multiplayer. Visit the official Arizone Sunshine website for more info.

Action MMO Skyforge’s universe has extended to Xbox One granting its users the opportunity to embark on a journey to become immortal and free their home world! Developer Allods Team and publisher are excited to announce that the free-to-play game is now available for Microsoft’s premier entertainment brand. Skyforge offers a unique mix of sci-fi and fantasy sure to appeal to both RPG fans looking forward to wildly different classes that they can switch between on demand and action fans searching for combat mechanics they won’t come across in any other MMO! For more info, please visit the official Skyforge website.

Open Beta Steep
This weekend Ubisoft offers you the opportunity to play the beta of the upcoming expansion of Steep. From November 28th to December 4th, you will have access to two Olympic events (Downhill and Big Air) in Korea and Challenges (1 Freestyle, 1 Freeride, 1 Wingsuit) in Japan. Check out all the details at the official Steep website. This summer, five players from the Community had the opportunity to test this new expansion – here is what they said about it:

Friday, November 24, 2017

Who's in the mood for some free games?

This weekend has some cool free games and demo's in store for us!

Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus
Bethesda has launched Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus at October 27 and this weekend you can try the first level of this game for free on PS4, Xbox One and PC. If you decide to buy the full game after trying the first level, your progress will be updated to the full game. For more info, please visit the official Bethesda website. And if you like to know about our experience with this game, read our awesome Wolfenstein II: The New Colossus  review.

Nine Parchments (demo)
Since Gamescom 2016 we’re really looking forward to Nine Parchments. We love it and definitely going to play this game this weekend. Nine Parchments is a co-operative blast 'em up game of magical mayhem from Frozenbyte! Runaway apprentice wizards seize the opportunity to complete their spellbooks by going after the lost Nine Parchments. Visit the E-shop to download your Nintendo Switch demo. Visit the official Frozenbyte website for more info.

Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp 
Nintendo's very popular franchise Animal Crossing has something new in store. In the App Store/Google Play to be specific. In Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp players can create your own camp, become friends with the animals and visit shops. It’s one happy camp, so make sure you be there too! Formore info, please visit the official Pocket Camp Website.

Skyworld (demo)
In an addictive blend of accessible turn-based empire building and fast-paced real-time battles, it is up to players to conquer and reunite the Skyworlds.Vertigo Games & Wolfdog Interactive's Skyworld is a full-feature VR strategy game, including a story-based single player campaign, skirmish mode and online competitive multiplayer from the creators of the VR first-person shooter hit Arizona Sunshine. Skyworld is out now on Steam for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality. For more info, please visit the official Skyworld website.

Game of Dragons
Starting November 20 through November 26 the Game of Dragons is free for iPhone and iPad. Travel to the mysterious Dragon Island with Glory and meet the old hermit Carl, who will share his secrets and magic to help defeat Simon and rescue the emperor! For more information, please visit the official G5 Entertainment website.

Rayman Legends Definitive Edition (demo)
A free demo of Rayman Legends Definitive Edition is available in the Nintendo E-shop. Ubisofts Rayman Legends was already available for other consoles, but for the first time this awesome game is available for Nintendo Switch. Help Rayman and his friends to restore piece Teensies and play the unique music levels of this game! Read our review about this game! For more info, please visit the official Nintendo website and of course the Nintendo E-shop to download your demo. 

Friday, November 17, 2017

No money, no problem, these games are free!

This weekend has some cool free games and demo's in store for us!

Stunlock Studio's Battlerite​ ​is​ ​an​ ​action-packed​ ​team​ ​arena​ ​brawler.​ ​Experience​ ​the​ ​unique​ ​combination​ ​of​ top-down​ ​shooter​ meets​ ​fast-paced​ ​fighting​ ​game and challenge ​friends​ ​and​ foes​ ​in​ ​a​ ​battle​ ​of reaction. The Arena awaits! Visit Steam join the fun!

Free Online Multiplayer This Weekend for All PS4 Players
Clear your calendars this weekend, because free online multiplayer is back for all PS4 owners, courtesy of PlayStation Plus! Their last free online multiplayer weekend on PS4 was so popular that they’re doing it again. Visit the official PlayStation blog for more info.

Tom Clansy's Rainbow Six Siege
Never had the chance to play Ubisofts Rainbow six Siege? Or already play Rainbow Six Siege, and want to play with your friends? The time is now, because this awesome game is free to play from November 16-19! Visit the official Ubisoft website for more info!

Payday 2 VR beta
Starbreeze Studios and Overkill just announced the start of the highly anticipated beta for Payday 2 VR in the HTC Vive on Steam. Available immediately, all owners of any edition of Payday 2 and its respective DLC’s will be able to participate in the beta. Payday 2 VR will allow players to cross-play with their friends on a standard desktop PC. Desktop PC Heisters wanting to join their VR crew can simply participate by downloading the beta branch. Visit the Steam page for more info.

Hyper Universe
Cwavesoft Inc and Nexon America Inc. just announced some exciting news about Hyper Universe! Hyper Universe fans are about to come face-to-face with a deadly assassin who will challenge even the most dominant players. The side-scrolling action MOBA is getting rocked with a brand new martial artist Hyper named Liu, whose explosive kick moves and punishing nunchucks will make his opponents think twice before taking him on. Visit the official Hyper Universe website for more info and learn how to participate!

Spellforce 3
The upcoming RTS/RPG hybrid SpellForce 3 by THQ Nordic will be playable for free on Steam from 10 AM PST November 17th, until 10 AM PST November 20th. Players can play all three factions of the game in multiplayer matches for up to six players, or try the co-op mode. Also, one single-player mission is playable alone or with a co-op partner, which takes place before the events in the full game’s campaign. Visit the Steam page for more info and to join this preview!

Saturday, November 11, 2017

Let's play a game for free!

This weekend has some cool free games and demo's in store for us!

South Park: Phone Destroyer
A new and awesome Southpark adventure, but this time for you smartphone. After hearing the title we can't guarentee that you phone will survive this game, but what the hell. If your phone has to be destroyed, Southpark is a good reason, right? Visit the shop of your Smartphone to download your copy! Check the official Ubisoft website for more info.

Following its massive All-Star Update, the critically acclaimed LawBreakers is calling all PC gamers to dive into gravity-defying action and test their mettle in fast-paced multiplayer battles for no charge during Steam Free Weekend Event, kicking off from Thursday, Nov. 9, 7 p.m. CET – Sunday, Nov. 12, 10 p.m. CET on Steam. Our own Michael a.k.a. Magic Mike has put this game to the test last agust. Read about his experience and verdict about this awesome game in his review.

For Honor
And last but not least, we can tell you that Ubisofts For Honor has a free weekend! Till Sunday you can play this game on PC, PS4 oand Xbox One and you'll have access to all the content released for this game up till now. Check the official Ubisoft website for more info. Diana a.k.a. DumeeGamer loves this game as you can read in her review from last February.

Wednesday, November 08, 2017

What does the world think about ELEX?

The Good, The Ugly and The Weird. Having divided critics and gamers alike, THQ Nordic presents an accolades trailer combining the good, the ugly and the weird quotes and comments from across the board, showcasing the sci-fi fantasy RPG’s varied reception.

Watch the "Voices of ELEX – The Good, The Ugly and The Weird" video below: