Sunday, September 17, 2017

Grab your shashka and get ready for a winter offensive!

The two studios behind Verdun - Blackmill Games and M2H – reveal more details about their new title Tannenberg, scheduled for Early Access release on November 16 on PC via Steam!

Tannenberg will be coming to PC for Windows, Linux, SteamOS and Mac on November 16, where it will be available to buy in Early Access from Steam for $17.99. Arriving alongside the release will be a new trailer and a special bonus for Tannenberg buyers who already own Verdun! The Early Access period for Tannenberg is planned to last until Q1 2018, and will be used to incorporate final polish and balancing based on feedback from their player base.

What to Expect?
A new 64 person game mode will let players experience the different nature of warfare on the Eastern
Front – in the new Maneuver battles the action will flow unpredictably as both sides try to outflank and effectively encircle enemy positions. Instead of static trench lines and alternating attack and defense, players will attempt to capture important positions such as signal posts and ammunition dumps reflecting the enemy army’s supply and links with their headquarters. Larger maps and the higher player counts will give these battles a real sense of scale as both sides frantically attempt to encircle each other and break out of any pockets that form.

Russian Cossack troops with their lethal shashka sabres will be a powerful force in these battles for vital positions. As with everything else in Tannenberg, the new game mode, troops and weapons are firmly based in reality. Until then things aren’t going to be silent until the release though! More details are available in the FAQ, and the developers are releasing regular Frontline News updates showing off what they’ve been working on and dropping details about Tannenberg. You can read them on the Steam Community page.

1914-1918 series
Starting out on the Western Front with the release of the first realistic WW1 FPS Verdun back in April 2015, and expanding to the Eastern Front with the upcoming Tannenberg, the 1914-1918 series throws players into intense warfare inspired by the chaos and fury of iconic battles from the First World War. With over 900,000 copies of Verdun sold, this novel and underserved setting has proven popular with the gaming community!

Players choose from a variety of historically accurate squads and weapons, with more available to unlockthrough playing the game, before diving into the mud and blood splattered battlefields of dynamic multiplayer trench warfare. Every game is built on a base of thorough research and receives extensive post-release support bringing new content and challenges for our players. The games in the series are linked, but each one is standalone and provides a different experience, reflecting the nature of the fighting in the many-sided theaters of the war.

Thursday, September 14, 2017

Warlords of Aternum – InnoGames Relaunches Mobile Strategy Game!

InnoGames announced the relaunch of its mobile strategy game Warlords under the new name Warlords of Aternum. The update comes with a series of new features, additional content and new balancing. From now on the new version is available in the Google Play Store and App Store. Already existing accounts don’t lose any game progression with the release of the update. InnoGames acquired Warlords from Berlin-based studio Wooga in February this year.

One of the biggest changes of the update is the new Warlord Level. This new feature will essentially track the overall progression of a player based on regiment upgrades. Regiment upgrades grant Warlord XP. Once a player has earned enough Warlord XP to fill up their current level progression, they’ll move to the next Warlord Level. This way, players are more motivated to not only level up their favorite 2-3 regiments but also play with newly unlocked regiments for more diversity in the game.

Additionally, the update features a new boss called Drrakha. The new enemy becomes available as a new point of interest on the map. Drrakha can drop his own shards when defeated, and he is also likely to drop shards for a brand-new regiment called League’s Predators. The new unit comes with the abilities Impale which deals 100% more physical damage and Embrace the Pain which leads to 20% less damage from enemies.

Philip Bang, Studio Director InnoGames: “Warlords was already a great game when we acquired it back in February but now it’s even better! Over the last months, our new Warlords team invested a lot of time and energy into analyzing the game and the player preferences. With this first update, we keep the fun parts of the game, add more content and features and optimize the overall game experience.  We’re looking forward to the players’ feedback and are already working on new updates for the future.”

Free games this weekend!

It's almost weekend and that means you probably like to play some games. If you're up to try something new, but you don't have much money to buy a game, we have some good news for you!

MercurySteam have just announced that their upcoming third-person shooter-brawler, Raiders of the Broken Planet, will go into open beta for two days, before launching on September 22nd on PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The open beta will take place on September 15th and 16th, allowing players on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC to download the game and play two missions - First Round and Hanging by a Thread.

Tom Clancy's The Division is completely free to play on PC this weekend. The free weekend starts on Thursday September 14 at 19:00 and ends on Sunday, September 17 at 22:00. Players get access to the full game during this free weekend. Players who want to keep playing the game after the free weekend, can buy the game at a discount. Visit the official website to download your free copy.

Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Gamescom 2017: meeting Game Drive!

During our visit at Gamescom we met the awesome people Bram and Stephanie van Lith of Game Drive, a game marketing company located in Utrecht, The Netherlands. They already have an impressive portfolio as it comes to games they helped to hit the market.

We are very happy to cooperate with Game Drive and already played and reviewed Verdun, Powargrid and Marooners. During our visit Ferry "Sadhonker" Adams had the opportunity to check out the next WW1 game series project from M2H and Blackmill Games; "Tannenberg".

We can't tell you much about it, because the real campaign will start somewhere this year. So this was more like a teaser. But we can tell you; if you're into war shooters, you don't want to miss out on this one. Everything there is to know at this moment, you can find at the Steam page of Tannenberg.

So stay tuned, because we'll keep you updated!

Monday, September 04, 2017

World record match of Catan!

Do you like to play boardgame Settlers of Catan? How many players can join the game would you say?

In the United States the first world record was set,with 922 participants in 2013. This record broke down in 2015 at the biggest game fair in Germany, Spiel Essen. There were 1040 participants! And now it's up to the Benelux, organized by 999 games. Do you also join this crazy group experience?

Join this awesome event which takes place at September 24 in Rotterdam (The Netherlands), starting at 14.00 hours. Participants must be 10 years or older and will receive a nice goodiebag!

So what are you waiting for? Visit the official page to learn more about this event and of course to subscribe!

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Diamonst news!

Just a week ago I found out about this amazing game Diamonst. It's a great combination of Pokemon Go and Tamagotchi and it looks great! If you don't believe me, just check out the trailer:

Within a month these guys will take their changes on Kickstarter(September 27). So if you want to back these guys up, visit and like their Facebook page. That way you always will be updated about their news and progress.

We meet Zenko Games last week during Gamescom. If you like to know more about them, please read our article.

Sunday, August 27, 2017

Gamescom 2017: Nine Parchments Update!

During our Gamescom adventures last year, we visited the guys from Fozenbyte with their upcoming cooperative game Nine Parchments. The game is inspired by the Trine series, but with a top down view. Because we can't wait till this game releases, we thought it was a good idea to visit Frozenbyte again to hear about the progress the made in the last year.

Up till now there are eight playable characters to choose from. Well, you'll start the game by playing one character Cornelius. The other character and variants can be unlocked. Every character has its own unique set of spells, so you can travel the dangers of Nine Parchments with a good variety of characters and spells. There are around fifty spells in total, divided into Ice, Fire, Life, Death and Electricity.

There is a experience/skill tree added and this tree is tied to characters, but not to the variation, so you can freely use the skill points on any variation you have unlocked. Each character has three different skill tree variations.

The developers also thought about difficulty levels, so you can choose between Easy, Normal, Hard and Hardcore. There are thirty two levels in total, which includes eight boss fights. In total Frozenbyte aims for  four to five hours of game play.

And when are you able to play this awesome game, I hear you ask? Well, they aiming for the winter holidays of 2017 for Nintendo Switch, PS4, Xbox One and PC. It would be a great game to play this winter, in the comfort of your own home with the Christmas tree and everything, right?

To learn more about Nine Parchments or one of the other game byr Frozenbyte, please visit the official website.